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About Us


At DC Talent Agency, we go beyond booking and managing Talent. We strive to create an infrastructure to support our clients’ dreams. Through our services, we create career-defining opportunities, on a global scale, for artists, influencers, and creatives on our roster.


Our clients have amassed over 1 billion digital streams and have connected with millions of live audiences around the world. We pride ourselves in crossing borders, connecting cultures, and maintaining a distinct approach to talent bookings and management. With this approach, we have built a track record of discovering and developing award-winning entertainers globally. 

Our diverse team of employees and partners operate in major markets around the world, working tirelessly to ensure our clients are well-positioned to dominate within their categories. The pillars of our value system are transparency, integrity, and dependability. These values drive our day-to-day interactions with clients, partners, and other stakeholders in our network. 

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